Dominik Abé

Job description: Founder & Game Director
Preferred programming language: C#
Specialty: Gameplay, prototyping, shader

Amount of times moved houses in the past five months: 9
Backup plan in case of job loss: Jazz guitarist
Highest priority daily duty: Making coffee (with magnificent froth)
All-time favorite video game: Mirror’s Edge

Dom Portrait

Johannes Roth

Job Description: Founder & CEO
Preferred programming language: English
Specialty: Business Development, PR, Producing

Time spent on the phone: 3 hours daily
When unsure who to blame: Blame Cem
Preferred headphone volume: Off the charts
All-time favorite video game: Commander Keen

Jojo Portrait

Maximilian Auer

Job Description: Coder
Favorite programming language: C#
Specialty: Gameplay, Editor tools, Pipelines

Games owned in Steam library: 74,183,055
Average time spent on each game: 3,5 minutes
Childhood dream: Becoming a pilot
All-Time favorite Game: Super Mario 64

Max Portrait

Bianca Dörr

Job description: Lead Artist
Specialty: Textures & 2D Art
Most accustomed programs: Photoshop, Hansoft

Favorite Snack: Anything containing chocolate
Most frequent daydream: Cuddling every cute cat in the world
Favorite first-world-invention: Ice cream machine
All-time favorite video game: Bioshock

Bianca Portrait

Cem Erdalan

Job description: 2D/3D Artist
Specialty: 3D animations
Most accustomed programs: Blender

Animal resemblance: Groundhog / Raccoon crossover
Infamous for: Singing awful catchy tunes that get stuck in everyone’s heads
Useless talent: Uncanny celebrity impressions
All-time favorite video game: Jagged Alliance 2

Cem Portrait

Martin Hamberger

Job description: Game & Level designer
Specialty: Dialogues, Storylines
Preferred tool: Unity, Powerpoint

Daily meal: Power soup
Has internet access at home: No
Pokemon resemblance: Snorlax
All-time favorite video game: Half-Life

Hambo Portrait

Lucas Reiner

Job description: Concept Artist
Specialty: Mood paintings
Most accustomed program: Photoshop

Preferred graphics tablet size: A6
Amount of haircuts had within the past 6 years: 2
Catchphrase: Praise the sun!
All-time favorite video game: Dark Souls

Lucas Portrait

Florian Smolka

Job description: 2D/3D Artist
Specialty: Special effects
Software proficiency: Photoshop, Blender, Unity

Favorite beer: Tegernseer Max Joseph
Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Average time spent watching TV-series: 14 hours a day
All-time favorite video game: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Flo Portrait

Moritz Wagner

Job description: Game & Level Designer
Specialty: Balancing
Preferred tools: Unity, Excel

Backup plan in case of job loss: American Football Player
Rapping alias: coru
Greatest Hip Hop role model: Cam’ron
All-time favorite video game: Z

Mo Portrait